If you have recently inherited a home, you may be wondering what to do with it. While you may want to keep the home and live in it, you may also need or want to sell it in order to get cash. A couple of ways to sell the house, you can list it with a real estate agent or sell it yourself, or selling to a cash buyer.

Working with a real estate agent and setting up a traditional home listing can be a long and expensive process. Selling the house yourself can also be a long and arduous process if you aren’t familiar with the housing market in and around Philadelphia.

This is where Sell to Jim can help, we are a property investment company with decades of expertise right here in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania. You can enjoy the fast cash option of selling the house yourself while still working with experts in the local housing market. This is the simplest way to get cash for your inherited home.

We understand that with a home inheritance there can still be a sentimental value you carry with your loved one’s home. We take care to explain the whole process to you to ensure your understanding all along the way. The home your loved one once cherished has served its purpose well. The memories made there will live on in the safety of your family’s hearts. Maybe it is time for that house to help build those same cherished memories with a new family. In any case, we will let you decide.

Contact Sell to Jim today to learn more about how we can help you to sell your inherited home. We will get you a fast cash offer in 24 hours.